Sonia Bartuccelli works as a dancer, coach and choreographer. She danced for the Bayrische Staatsoper in Munich, for West Side Story at the Komische Oper in Berlin and toured with Helene Fischer and David Garrett. As a coach and choreographer, her references include engagements for One Billion Dollar, Para- Wir sind King,Ku’damm 63, SISI, Leander Haussmanns‘ die Stasi Komödie and the TV Show Kiwis`Partynacht.

In her dance school, the Studio29, she passes her expertise on to artists and young professionals.

Sonia is trained in jazz, modern, ballet, hip hop adn commercial dance. She has been engaged for various theatres and opera houses, toured with Helene Fischer and David Garrett and performed on stage for Cheryl Cole and Udo Lindenberg.

She danced for TV productions such as X Factor, The Voice of Germany or Let’s Dance in Europe and Asia and worked as a choreographer for music videos, Stars in Concert, several tv productions, movies and cinema.

Sonia Bartuccelli mit Zylinder in Tanzpose


Live ShoWS

Sonia Bartuccelli im Duett



Sonia Bartuccelli fotografiert von Fabiola

Music Videos/


Sonia Bartuccelli springt beim Tanzen



Sonia Bartuccelli in weißer Bluse



Professional artists value Sonia’s experience and ask her to coach them. Among others, Heidi Klum relied on her expertise for her TV show Germany’s Next Topmodel. Sonia’s passion for teaching others gave rise to her idea for the Advanced Dance Program in 2016, which prepares aspiring dancers for their career entry. In 2019, she founded her own dance school, the Studio29 – House of Performing Arts.